Our big seven year old

How's that for a happy face
Her first bottle of perfume from Aunty Janet & Uncle Ivan

Banana cake, as requested

Hills Hoist cubby

Hey Cisco, Hey Poncho
(I hope I'm not the only one who remembers that tv show)


Happy 7th b'day. Oh to be young again!
LOVE the cubby !!!! It looks awesome.
...& don't know the show *scratches head*
B'ham said…
What fun !! And the 'cubby'... What a grand idea !!
The most my Mama would let me make was a sheet thrown over a ironing board- which tipped over each time you crawled in or out...
Hey CeeeeScoooo..
What Pancho ?
I remember !!
Happy birthday to your daughter...the cake looks delicious.
The cubby house looks great, brought back memories of the cubbies we used to make from the hills hoist!
You did a wonderful job of your dresser.

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