Market Day Madness

Today we arose at 4am to sell excess stuff at the market, the girls were bundled into the car in their pj's all muzzy with sleep. After we unloaded the car, Andy went back for another trip of yet more stuff. We had people fossicking through before we even had set up, looking for that special treasure. It was pretty much go from start to end. To keep the girls interested they could keep all the money from their things that sold. Sarah kept rearranging her toys on display and watched people like a hawk waiting to pounce with her hand out for the money. They weren't happy at first to see their toys go but soon had beaming faces when the money started coming in. Selling soft toys and books at mostly $.50 cent to $1.00, they ended up making $14.00 each, which will go to buying something new when we get to Melbourne.

I was under strict orders not to wander away to look at other stalls, well that's like showing a child a lolly and telling them they can't eat it. So when I got a moment and Andy wasn't looking I tottled over to some stalls near by. Oh my, oh my, did I score, (I am yet to take photo's as I am absolutely exhausted) then I snuck my goodies back under the table and waited for the right time to tell Andy, when I did he just rolled his eyes.

It was a good day as we met some great people, got rid of stuff, made some pocket money, and everything that was left was donated to charity. Ahh, it' feels good to get rid of things that have been taking up space in the garage for a long time.


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