Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Simple Bunting

Create your own bunting which is quick and simple.

 I cut different sized triangles from pages of an old book, sheet music and a paper bag.
Then they were simply sewn together by my sewing machine.

No cost, recycled decoration.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Vintage Find

Since our recent break in, I have been lost without my lovely big camera.
Our next best camera was also taken, but both my girls small ones luckily were missed 
and it is with one of these that I was able to take some photo's.

A few weeks ago while walking past my neighbours I glanced into the dumpster bin they had out front.
They were having a big clean out before they moved and I just happened to spy something interesting.

My heart skipped a beat when I saw that it was this lovely old stove.
I knew it was way too heavy for me to lift out alone, so I had to wait for Andy to get home.

Hours past and when he finally arrived I told him of my discovery.
 I expected him to say "what are you going to do with that, more junk", but he didn't.
Then I thought it still wouldn't have been there, but it was.

He was actually just as excited as me.
We hauled it out, carried it home, where it now sits under our back verandah.

A piece of history almost lost to the tip.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Not Nice

We had a thief.
The glass in our front door was broken while we were out in the afternoon last week.
Our children have been in shock and tears.

Most things are replaceable except for the feeling of safety in our own home.

What makes me sad is the loss of a simple gold necklace
with my star sign that was given to me by my late father.

Now I am left with nothing but the memories, at least they cannot be stolen.

Not very nice to come home to.

We now have a solid front door and we are looking at getting an alarm installed.

It's not that we have anything left of real value for a quick resale,
it's more about helping the girls and me feel safe, especially when Andy is away for work.

So with the holiday season about to begin, be careful.

Sorry for the not nice post.