Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Unfinished Business

I'm finding of late that I just can't get myself motivated to do any sewing which is really starting to bother me. I always seem to find something else to do besides sitting down and actually completing a sewing project.

This pile has been sitting there for weeks plus I have so many projects in my head that I want to start but keep putting off. Perhaps if I make a effort to do one sewing project a day for a week, then maybe I will find my mojo and get cracking on again.

Is it just me or have you also lost a bit of oomph?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Vintage Books

I have always had a fondness for a book and I especially enjoy looking through old non fiction.

This book has the most amazing designs in it.

I have the faintest of memories of using stickers like these that you stuck into the book to complete it, but I can't remember how you got the stickers.

A lovely book with pretty coloured plates.

Wonderful information for the would be twitcher.

Just some of my recent purchases each one less than $1.00.

Monday, July 16, 2012

A Garden Wander

 The girls are back at school today and I now have time back to myself  to catch up on some much needed housework (yuk) and try to get back into some sort of routine again. It was lovely not having to rush to get them ready in the mornings and we enjoyed many relaxing days.

 For our last adventure we visited the botanical gardens and the girls loved wandering along the tracks and small pathways admiring all the beautiful plants.


This unusual tree reminded us of the whomping willow in Harry Potter

These cactus looked like comfy pouffes but with such large hard prickles, I wouldn't want to sit on one.

I love this path with the moss growing in the cracks, it's been made from broken concrete and asphalt.
We have an area at home that we want to pave soon and I'd like to use recycled items like this for something similar.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Country Op Shop Vintage Finds

 Isn't she just the sweetest.
She was my most expensive single purchase at $8.00.
A Josef Original bell girl still with label and in perfect condition.

Vibrant print $5.00

 Little china cat $3.00

This basket with flowers has a few chips but still charming and only $1.50

Found these Japanese dishes at two separate shops

Five large and two smaller English plates plus the Johnson below total $5.00

Not a bad haul of goodies, I just love country op shops.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Winter's Tale

A long winter weekend in Warrnambool & Port Fairy

It was perfect winter weather with the sky clear and blue.
The days reached a height of 13 degrees and one night it was a low of zero and we were camping in a tent. Crazy yes, but still fun.
We had a little heater to warm us while dressing but once in our sleeping bags we were pretty snug.
We awoke one morning to find that a wet face washer that we had left outside was stiff as a board, frozen solid and there was even ice in our dogs water bowl. She was snuggled up under a blanket in the tent with us, so that she didn't end up a pupsicle.  Ha ha! 

 The main reason we went was to attend Fun 4 Kids. A week long event of entertainment and workshops in an indoor venue that is spread out over two hectares. Streets are blocked off with massive marques all interconnected together. We were there for only one day and tried to do and see most things, but we couldn't do it all and there's something new every day.

We watched jugglers, musicians and acrobats.
We cuddled baby animals.
We banged and hammered nails into wood and created tables and chairs for dolls and made a fairy house.
We made spiced biscuits in a cooking class, then enjoyed eating them.
We decorated biscuits with icing, they didn't last long at all.
We fenced.
We climbed.
We were pampered and had our nails painted.
We played mini golf.
We made chef hats.
We had a full day of fun and walked home very tired.

It was nice to get away but I have to say I will enjoy curling up in my warm comfy bed tonight.

I did pop into a few op shops along the way ( HOW COULD I NOT) and found some pieces that I'll show in my next post.

Monday, July 2, 2012


It's been cold, wet and miserable and on top of that I have two little girls unwell with nasty colds.

Yesterday was a day of easy craft making, jigsaw puzzles, family movies, split pea soup with hot buttered toast and cups of tea with biscuits. Then at 3am I was awoken to a take temperatures, cool hot faces with a cold washer, hand out medicines, then rub backs to resettle, then crawl back into bed.

With days like this I did managed to complete some knitting.

Rummaging threw my button stash I found just what I needed to complete this cowl, vintage leather buttons.

This little bunny has been waiting for completion for a long time, I only needed to finish off the loose threads, now it's finally done.

There is still a few more projects to complete, so maybe today I will get a chance.

Both these items will be going in my Made It shop soon.