Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Vintage Style

Out having a scrounge yesterday I came across this QS chenille spread that looks like vintage but isn't.

When my man saw it he said it brought back memories of when he was young staying at grannies.

Not to shabby for a $5.00 purchase.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Recycled Craft

The other day we were watching the film "Fairy Tale: A True Story" about real fairies at the bottom of the garden and in this film there is the most beautiful fairy tree house made out of sticks and moss that the children had made.

So of course my girls wanted one just like it AAHHH!! It would be a great project but I can see it would take a lot of time, but for now I said lets start small first, so we made this tiny tee pee out of sticks, string and a fabric scrap.

I had an old pair of jeans that were going to end up in the trash, but you know me I hate seeing things go to waste, so I cut them up and made them into a bag that I can sling over my shoulder when riding my bike to classes.

Since taking my new yoga bag to class, I have been inundated with orders, the ladies loved it.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Over the summer every Tuesday after school we head to Melbourne's bay beaches for the girls to do nipper training.

Now you know how hungry kids can get, so combine that with sea air, running on the beach and paddling in the waves and that makes for ravenous appetites.

The club always has a sausage sizzle after but that can become a bit monotonous and not all that nutritious. So I spend Tuesday's as baking days, trying to think of things that are easy to eat, healthy and yummy.

Veggie slice - filled with grated carrot, zucchini, onion, bacon, cheese, eggs and yesterday I added asparagus as well. Best of all the girls love it and it filled their hungry tummies.

Dessert - Almond meal and fig cake.

The figs were picked fresh from our tree that morning. The tree is huge and loaded with fruit. At night the bats and possums enjoy the fruit at the top, which I don't mind, as long as they leave us the fruit lower down, we can't reach them with the ladder anyway.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Vintage Finds - Colour

Sometimes it's all about the colour, not that I need the actual item.

The cups are Pyrex, no idea why one would need a Pyrex cup, however I just love the vivid orange. It's certain to brighten up any day and the colour of the sweet dishes are so pretty.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


The marathon is over.

Today I finally finished this wrap which I spent every spare moment knitting, some while the girls had swim or dance lessons but mostly while relaxing in the evenings. It became a part of me in the end, never far from my side, but now it's FINISHED, DONE, FINITO.

I just went back into my blog archives to see when I actually started this and to my shock, it was just over a year ago in January 2011. My excuse for taking sooo long is that I did put it down for a few months while we were in transition with the house.

Still I am relieved it's over and I'm looking forward to starting a new project (one that's a bit smaller) with some lovely wool that 's been waiting patiently in the basket.

So now it's time to say farewell to my companion, as I intend to put it into my on-line shop, where I hope it will find love and be cared for, for many years to come.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Vintage Finds

Hello all, I'm back.

I've spent the last week cleaning, crafting and hunting.

I must say I have had some wonderful vintage finds that I am yet to share, but here are some that I found this w'end. Plus later, a look at my ever changing makeshift kitchen.

These lovely stained glass cupboard doors are in need of some repair but for $5.00 each I'm happy. For now though will go into storage in the garage to eventually be used in my future kitchen. I can just imagine them in an overhead cupboard filled with glittering treasures.

Cutesy prints waiting to be hung.

Lovely old table in good condition for it's age, only just a little tlc is needed

Plus matching chair, they'll look spiffy together on the verandah with a cushion or two.

I had to have this shade, even though as yet I don't know where it will go.
I'm not sure if I should have it recovered of keep it original.
The covering is like strips of plastic and is tattered and torn in places but the shape is fab.

Now here are my new cupboards from a garage sale for $20.00 and they are in such good condition.
Previously I had been using my old sewing table, which worked okay but we just didn't have enough space and I'm happy to say it is back to being my sewing table again.

I am loving it.
It's amazing what can come your way when you least expect it.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Last Day

Most kids have gone back to school today, but not ours. They don't start till tomorrow and I think we are all ready for it to begin again.

Firstly I am looking forward to actually cleaning the house. Am I CRAZY!

I can honestly say I've only been able to manage the basics. I spent several hours last week just on the lounge, cleaning and removing kid paraphernalia to have it completely trashed again later that day. Ugh! Why bother!

So that's high on the need to do list, but first a little time just for me and that will be spent at the gym trying to remove those extra festive season kilo's. You know it's not good when even your fat day jeans feel tight. So back to sensible eating mixed in with a bit of sweat and a lot of pain.

Then I hope to spend the rest of the day crafting and creating all the things that have been swimming around in my head all summer but with no real time to do or maybe I'll be in need of a wee nanna nap.

I will miss the little darlings as I drop them off at school, for at least the first few steps beyond the gate.

Have a lovely day.