Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Vintage Finds & Recycled Craft

A vintage tablecloth discovered today. Never been used $5.00.

Teacup saucer and plate (not shown) house warming gift from an older friend, it was her grandmothers. Very special indeed.

Sugar bowl is a find from earlier in the year.

Now I try so hard not to use plastic bags, but some still manage to find there way into my home.
Today we put them to another use. The girls and I enjoyed cutting them up then stapling them to string to create this weather proof bunting to decorate our veggie patch.

Planted seeds and seedlings two days ago.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Journal made from vacuum cleaner bags
Book photo stand
Wool unwound from old jumper
Lunch bags
Coat rack from found items

Wonderful items crafted from recycled pieces.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Where Back

We returned from Thailand early in the morning on Friday and where greeted by 10 degrees in Melbourne. Brrrr!

We had a fun relaxing trip, but now it's back to reality. For two weeks I didn't cook or clean which was bliss.

I'm still feeling very lazy, but yesterday I had to crank things up a notch as housework called and the garden needed a lot of attention.

The girls and I got stuck into what was a sorry looking veggie patch. By the end of the day we had pulled out all the weeks, turned the soil over, dug in compost and built a fence to stop Lucy from getting in and digging it over again. Phew!

That was a shock to the system, but we are happy with our efforts and are excited about growing our first veggies in a proper garden. In the past we have only grown a few herbs in pots as we have never had this kind of space before.

It was lovely to have a break, which was much needed, but now Spring is here and we have lots of projects ahead for Doris (our house) that will keep us busy over the coming months.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Four More Sleeps

After all the drama of this year with selling a house, buying another one that was so run down it needed weeks of renovating before we could move in and then last weeks sickness, this Friday can't come soon enough.

We are off on our much needed annual holiday to Thailand.

Lazing by the pools.
Massages, facials and body treatments.
Great cheap food.
Having a few drinks sitting on the beach as the sun sets.
Splashing in the waves.
Snorkeling in crystal clear waters.

Ahhhh! *sigh*

Have I made you jealous yet?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Soldiering On


This week has certainly been a test of my endurance.

1. Ava broke my vintage T G Green mixing bowl while licking out the remains of a cake mixture.
The poor little thing knew how much I treasured it and burst into tears. I tried to hide my
disappointment and told her, "I'd rather have her smiling face than a silly old bowl any day". Tough.

2. Andy was poaching eggs on Sunday for us all using my old poacher. He came to me not much later and told me there was a funny smell, I discovered that he forgot to add water to the bottom. I lifted the and there were the little plastic cups melted onto the steamer. He looked at me forlornly, while I rescued breakfast for us all. Not so tough.

3. Monday Sarah home sick with cold.

4. Tuesday call from school Ava hit in head with football in sick bay with ice on face.
Collected from school.

5. Wednesday Andy home from work sick with cold.

6. Ava home from school sick with cold.

I've got a few days left till the end of the week. What's next and who will look after me if I end up getting the lurgy?