Saturday, September 20, 2014




When the sun comes out all you want to do is spend the day outside.

The girls wanted to make a tent under the clothesline.

It was a beautiful creation of sheets and blankets and cushions .




They then got into some mud pie making.

I haven't seen them do this for a while,

but it was lovely to watch them enjoy making a mess.


My winter garden looks very over grown now and I need to start

clearing it out to get ready for the spring planting.

We enjoyed growing purple broccoli, spring onions,

purple cabbage, rocket ( self seeded), and snow peas.

The chooks race over when they see me enter the garden

as they know they always get a treat. It might be a snail or slug, but

usually a few leaves from an old broccoli plant. When it's time to dig

it up, I let them in and they are virtually sitting on top of the spade

waiting to see what they can snaffle. It's funny but I have to be so

careful that they don't get a spade in the back of the neck.