Thursday, October 17, 2013


Ice - A blend of two yarns mohair and wool

This reminds of the Merino Glacier I visited in Argentina,
with the different shades of frozen ice.

Granite - Baby alpaca wool with mismatched vintage buttons

Coming soon in my MadeIt and Etsy Shops

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Vintage Finds

I made myself a promise a few months ago that I would have a break from treasure hunting.

Well I broke that promise on the weekend, but I'd like to know who could keep it when there was a street near by that was having a garage sale that was 2.5 kilometres long. 

I kid you not, over 50 houses in one long street.
It was too much for me to resist and I attacked it with gusto and much delight.

Here are just some of my finds.

Nothing over $5.00

 Two lovely old boxes caught my eye and when I opened them they had complete sets inside.
Just perfect for those teatime treats.

Each box was marked $10.00 but the nice lady said I could have both for $10.00 and I didn't even ask.

I also bought from her the large camping pan and the brilliant leather wind up tape measure.

This reminds me of the ship painting in Narnia's Prince Caspian.
Not to shabby for $1.00

A little chipped and broken (I glued the handle back on to the large one) but just lovely for flowers.

I spied this beauty hidden amongst a lot of chintz.

The lady could believe I was interested in it, when there were so many pretty things she had 
on offer and was happy to see it go for the sum of $4.00.

We went home after three hours of trawling the street in the rain no less, happy, wet and tired.
 I'll try and take some pics of some of my other finds soon.

 What fun.