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My Creative Textile Year

Its been quite a while since I posted here. Since February I was a full time student with RMIT studying Textile Design & Development. This was a huge learning curve for me and in the first two weeks, I thought I would never be able to cope with the amount of work that was required. I soon discovered that to achieve my goals, I had to be more efficient and unfortunately, blogging was just one thing I felt I didn't have time for.   Below is just a portion of some of the things that I produced or experienced in the last nine months. In the beginning we got back to basics and painted and drew in black & white. This is our groups collection of some florals in ink. The project was Botanica and how to put your work into a swiss repeat manually. My hand painted floral design for children's wear. A machine knitted experimental sample.  Creating loops. My final machine knitted piece for assessment during construction. I h

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